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Sympathy Plants

When someone you know loses a loved one, you do whatever you can to show them that you care, whether that be comforting them in-person, helping them along the grieving process or simply sending them a gift to signal to them that they’re in your heart and mind during this troubling time. And while sympathy flowers can be a good choice, sympathy plants can also help to provide your message of support and willingness to be there. Whether they’re for the home or the funeral, both flowers and plants can be a very thoughtful gift, especially when combined with a personalized card message direct from you. It is important to note that sympathy flowers are usually best for the actual funeral service, while sympathy plants can make for great gifts sent to the family’s home. With many options for sympathy plants to choose from, let’s run down some of our favorites so you can understand their deeper meanings and help bring some comfort into their life.

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