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European Garden Baskets

A European Garden is really no different from a dish garden, with the exception of being planted in a basket instead of a ceramic or glass container. Regardless of the selected container, basket or dish, the plants used tend to be tropical, warm-climate type plants that are often called house plants here in colder climates.  Tropical plants such as pothos, spathiphyllum, croton, tropical ferns, palm, and pepperonium are the most common green plants.  African violet, kalanchoe, and florists azalea are the most common blooming plant.

Living gardens are economically sensible, beautiful and thoughtful if given as a gift. Actually, a European dish garden, bulb garden or just a tropical garden basket is a wonderful choice for the floral-minded individual regardless of the container used or plants selected, especially when longevity is factored in.

European Garden Baskets such as these can be made is various sizes with prices from $42.50 and up. Please call us at 1-503-285-7714 for exact details. We can customize the plants in any basket by request.

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