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Casket Spray

If you would like to purchase a casket spray first, reach out to the family for their recommendations and to make sure that they have not ordered casket flowers.  If the family has already ordered a casket spray a Standing Funeral Or Easel Spray would be more appropriate.

There are two types of casket spray funeral flowers, the first is a half casket spray, this is to place at the foot of the casket or traditionally in the middle during the service .  The half casket spray is most commonly used for an open casket service.  An open casket service is where half of the casket lid is opened before or after the service to view the deceased.  The half casket floral spray is traditionally moved from the center to the foot of the casket when the upper half is opened.

The second type of casket spray is a full casket spray and it is placed on top of the casket and runs the length of the casket.  In the past a full casket spray was often called a casket blanket.  A full casket spray is removed for viewing and generaly placed on the floor in front of the casket.

We are often asked what is done with the casket flowers after the service.  The most common thing to do is place the casket spray on the ground in a cemetary once the casket has been lowerd.  In a case of a mausoleum placement the casket flowers are generally placed on a stand provided by the mausoleum.  Family members often take some of the flowers from the casket piece home to place in a vase.

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